The High Wycombe branch of the BCSS was founded by Dr Keith Mortimer and Doug Donaldson, as this newspaper article from 1990 clearly shows. In its 17 year history, the Branch has always met at the Friends Meeting House, as it does today. Branch Shows have been held regularly each year, and it tries to hold a Convention each year, with speakers from all over the World.



Our shows have been very successful and have attracted a great number of entries from near and far.

Our Show secretary was for many years Ian Small, who organised the classes of plants, publishes entry forms, and so very importantly, as anyone who has tried to set up a show will know only too well, allocate space on the tables for each class. This role is being taken ove rby Chris Davies, as Ian is now our Branch Secretary.

There are classes for specific genera of cacti and of the other succulents, and classes that are open to all comers, and some just for High Wycombe branch members.

One aspect of the Show secretary's work is to set out the table show at each monthly meeting, at which branch members can bring and show their plants on a regular basis. Judging of these is normally undertaken by the visiting Speaker. Most have been able to leave unscathed!


We have recently passed our 21st Anniversary, for which Costas baked a superb cake that was enjoyed by all. Here is Doreen Donaldson bringing the cake for all to see, and a full photo of the cake

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